Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Program for Women Over 40.

Lose weight. Decrease Inflammation. Optimize your Hormones.

Begins October 6, 2022. Spaces Limited.

Struggling with hormonal weight gain?

Feel like you don't even recognize your body anymore?

Maybe you've been exercising and trying to eat healthy, but you're just not seeing results and now you're totally frustrated.

If you are a woman over 40, you need a DIFFERENT approach.

The old strategies just aren't going to cut it anymore.

NOURISHED U teaches you exactly how master your midlife metabolism, get a handle on the muffin top and finally get back to feeling good in your body again.

I'll teach you how to shift your metabolism into fat burning mode by working with your biology so you can finally see results without having to count calories or suffer through long workouts you hate!

I developed this system after years of working with midlife women frustrated with their bodies.

You try to eat well and exercise. You've done “all the right things” and still…something is just off.

You struggle with unwanted weight around your middle (belly fat), sleepless nights, and digestive distress despite your best efforts to alleviate these symptoms.

If you are a female in over 40 you might be wondering if you are ever going to feel better or if this is it?

Nourished U is a comprehensive online group program for women over 40 that combines nutrition education and habit coaching to ensure your success.

This is the system I developed after years of working with clients frustrated with their bodies.

You will gain a better understanding of your metabolism and develop more confidence in your food choices. You'll learn how to eat to balance your hormones, boost your energy, and finally help you lose unwanted pounds for good!

Does this sound like YOU?

  • You’ve struggled with unwanted weight gain and despite all your best efforts, you keep chasing the same 10-15 pounds.
  • You're tired of thinking about calories, tracking every morsel to lose weight and improve your health.
  • You’re noticing that you need a jolt of caffeine or sugar to keep you going after lunch
  • Your favorite clothes feel a little too tight and you’re often feeling bloated
  • Your hormones feel out of control, and you experience joint pain and signs of inflammation

Master your metabolism and

restore balance in your body ~ and finally start seeing results.

What you can expect from


Mindful Macros

I'll teach you how to create more balanced meals that will not only improve your energy and mental clarity, but also help your body to burn fat. If you have a weight loss goal, this is the first step. The good news is; you can do this whether you cook for yourself, or not!

Optimize Hormones

We will cut through the noise of diets that haven't been sustainable and learn how your hormones and metabolism actually work together so you can make choices that support optimal balance.

Change Your Habits

If you have ever tried to change your habits, you know how hard this can be. Unfortunately this is exactly where most women fail. I'll teach how to create new habits so you can start making changes right away.

Online Coaching

4 week online interactive education along with group coaching so you can apply what you learn and integrate it into your lifestyle. This is the magic of coaching! Knowledge is valuable, but accountability and consistency are where real transformation happens.

If you have ever struggled in the past to lose weight and actually keep it off, NOURISHED U will teach you how to ditch the dieting mindset and finally get sustainable results.

NOURISHED U begins October 6, 2022.

It's time to get back to YOU.

Let's be honest, wellness in midlife means so much more than fitting into a pair of skinny jeans.

Sometimes you might feel like its too late to change your body for the better.

It's not too late. But, you are going to need a different strategy!

In NOURISHED U I teach you how you can achieve your goals

and restore balance in your body ~

we'll learn about how your metabolism actually works, and how to make yours work for you!

Are you ready to?

  • Quit the endless cycle of unsustainable fad diets 
  • Build small habits that lead to long-term success 
  • Learn why this stage in life requires a different approach to your health
  • Begin to take better care of (and even love!) your changing body 
  • Make the second half of your life your BEST!

NOURISHED U will teach you how support your midlife metabolism into menopause and beyond!

Hi there, I'm Jen

Creator of Nourished U

After years of I struggling with digestive disorders that weren’t eased via traditional medicine, I was frustrated, depressed and gaining weight despite being a fitness trainer, 'eating healthy' and working out every day.

I felt like my body was betraying me.

As it turns out, you can have all the knowledge in the world, and know the 'right' things to do but still struggle to implement it.

I took me a while to dismantle my old nutrition narratives coming from a fitness background and it wasn't until I implemented new strategies that I finally changed my habits in a meaningful, and very noticeable way.

My hormones evened out, the hot flashes diminished, my belly felt better and I finally felt comfortable with my weight, without depriving myself or working out like crazy.

What I learned on that journey is that although the quality of food we eat matters, it doesn’t mean we need to restrict it or never eat any fun foods again.

In fact it's just the opposite. 

As it turns out a healthy functioning midlife metabolism works lot better when it's nourished...on every level.

It's not just about the food.

This is the system I developed after years of working with 100's of women frustrated with their bodies.

A few more details about NOURISHED U if you're still unsure.

Starting a juice cleanse or drastically cutting calories in an effort to lose weight fast can actually backfire on you because your body thinks you’re in a famine, and will go to great lengths to keep you from losing too much weight.

If you have ever lost weight quickly after a diet, and gained it all back, this is part of the reason why.

Did you know it can convert your healthy existing muscle tissue into fuel to keep you functioning especially if you aren't eating enough (ie dieting)? WHAT? Wait don't we need that muscle? YES. Yes you do.

The end result of the yo-yo diet cycle is a less responsive metabolism.

If you have ever struggled in the past to lose weight and actually keep it off, Nourished U will be eye opening for you and provide the missing links as to why you have been unsuccessful in the past.

I'll teach you the essentials of what you really need to know about how to eat for long term health, and still go on vacation, enjoy dinners out, and how alcohol fits into this equation.

You'll learn how to eat to balance your blood sugar so you can manage your cravings and finally make a dent in your fat loss goals.

You'll learn how to support your gut and address common digestive issues. You'll also learn how to implement three simple mindfulness techniques that are critical to making these sustainable changes stick.

I'll be honest, changing your habits takes time, patience and practice.

But it is possible.

I've experienced it myself, and I have seen the transformation in my clients so I know this system works.

Nourished U is packed with all you need to know about how to nourish yourself in midlife and support your metabolism into menopause. I take complicated high level concepts and present them in a simplified system. You'll learn exactly what you need to know to start making positive changes and more importantly, be able to apply it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not really sure how this online group coaching thing works. Can you give me some more details?

We will meet for four live zoom calls over the course of the program. If you are not comfortable on zoom or being on camera, you can certainly keep your camera on private and just listen in on the call. All calls will be recorded so that if you are unable to attend the call live, you'll have access to the replay. You’ll also be able to submit questions to me before/after the call and I will answer them during the call. You'll also have access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with each other and me.

This is always a great place to get your questions answered and get support from other program participants.

Its also the best way to get results!

Knowledge is great, but working with a coach helps to keep you accountable even when life gets hectic.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for this program?

Changing your habits around food is personal decision, and it’s something that I don't take lightly. I understand how difficult it can be when you feel like you've tried everything and you are feeling frustrated by your past efforts If you are open to learning, and getting curious about your habits in a supportive environment with a seasoned coach, then this program would be a good fit for you. If you are looking for a quick fix in six weeks, then this is not the program for you. Change takes time. This program is a foundation and once you have the basics in place, then it just comes down to practice and consistency.

Is there a meal plan or supplements required for this program?

No, I will discuss supplements in the program, however they are not required. No foods are "off limits". I will teach you how you can effortlessly create your own personal meal plan, that you can access whether you are on vacation, eating in a restaurant, at a friends house. One of the tenets of the program is to teach you how to eat without having to follow a plan.

My clients tell me that the best thing about this program is that they feel a lot more confident in their food choices, have more energy, less brain fog, and...their clothes start fitting better.

Can I lose weight during this program?

During this 4 week program I will teach you how to change your body composition (fat loss is different than 'weight loss') without giving up foods that you love.

While I can't guarantee a specific number on the scale, once you implement the mindfulness techniques with the nutrition knowledge, you will be able to lose fat, and more importantly learn the skills to maintain that loss.

I'm traveling during some of this time and I won't be able to be on all the live calls. Is this still OK for me to join? Absolutely! In fact if you find that you struggle to eat well when you’re traveling this program is actually perfect for you! All of the live calls will be recorded and there is a Facebook group to interact and ask questions if you have them. I will be on that group every day to answer your questions.

When are the LIVE classes?

All LIVE sessions will be on Thursday 4:00 Eastern Time

October 6, 13, 20, 27

November 10, 17

November 3rd you will receive a pre recorded module.

November 17th will be a Q + A session!

All modules will be recorded if you are unable to attend live and you will retain lifetime access to the materials provided.

Once registered, you will receive a personal email confirmation from me within 24 hours with next steps. You will receive payment receipt immediately after purchasing.

You can reach me jen@jenniferkirschfitness with any questions or concerns.