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Straight Up Strength : Purchase HERE  for $97 through August 4

Exercise Solution to 
Burn Fat, Build Muscle and
Your Fitness to new levels!

  • 24 full length strength workouts all 30 minutes or less
  • All workouts are designed to be done at home with dumbbells
  • Follow along video workout in real time coaching
  • Modifications for all levels from beginner to advanced
  • Weekly motivational emails to help you stay on track
  • Private Facebook Group #STRAIGHTUPSTRENGTH
  • Learn to Train smarter, not harder so you can get results



When it comes to getting results from any workout program, consistency beats perfection every time!

Don't make the mistake of relying on fast fixed, gimmicks and unsustainable practices to get in better shape.

Here's what you Really need to get results that last!

  • Enjoyment: You have to actually LIKE how you move, otherwise you just won't do it.
  • Effortlessness: Workouts that fit into your hectic schedule and don't take all day (you've got a busy life!)
  • Effectiveness: Exercise that helps you reach your goals because if you're not seeing progress, it's going to be hard to want to keep it up!

#STRAIGHTUPSTRENGTH makes working out at home enjoyable, while also getting you the best results possible in the least amount of time.

Which is why all workouts are 30 minutes or less!

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Hi! I'm Jen Kirsch

I've been a personal trainer and coach for over 25 years and I believe in the power of fitness to change your life for the better. 

I began my coaching career in 1996, and since then I've trained hundreds of women using the same techniques you'll find in #Straightupstrength.

Throughout my career, I've worked with women of all ages, fitness levels and goal sets, and one of the most common struggles I hear is: "I want to get leaner and more toned but I have a hard time being consistent and I really need accountability"

I can't wait to teach you some of my top secrets for staying fit at home—and how to maximize your workouts with just a few pairs of dumbbells.

A Stronger and Leaner body is just 8 weeks away!

#STRAIGHTUPSTRENGTH contains 24 total workouts, broken up by goal:

  • 6 Upper Body focused
  • 6 Lower Body focused
  • 6 Core Focused
  • 6 Full Body Focused

All workouts contain a quick warm up and modifications in a follow along video format!

#STRAIGHTUPSTRENGTH contains over 65 weight training exercises!

No special equipment needed!

2 pairs of Dumbbells one heavy (for you) and one medium/light is adequate.

The idea that your workout needs to be long, complicated and involved to be effective is just not true.

Some of the workouts will include advanced techniques but since I'll be doing the workout with you...I'll be offering the spot coaching and offering modifications and opportunities to scale the movements up or down depending on your level of fitness.

8-Week Programming

It’s one thing to have access to a bunch of random workouts, but if you don’t know what workout to do when, it can feel overwhelming.

Most of my clients love a schedule to follow.

In #STRAIGHTUPSTRONG, I’ve taken the guesswork out of what to do and when

How it works

Upon purchase, you will receive the FULL PROGRAM as well as an email from me with all the information you need to start the program.

Workouts will be emailed in the order they are programmed in video format via Vimeo platform (No annoying ads!)

If you ever want to repeat the program in the future they'll be labelled in order 1-24.

So there is absolutely zero guesswork. You know exactly what to do and when to do it.

You can do all 8-weeks along with me in real time.

Questions? Email me

Here's what clients are saying about #StraightUpStrength

"These workouts were deceptively challenging. I liked that we worked all muscle groups with only one set of weights. We covered a lot of ground in 30 minutes"

- Janice

"The combination of exercises are some of the things I've done on my own, but the way you combined them was different for me"

- Anne

"I'm already feeling the effects of these workouts! Love the new twists on the basics. Great way to start the day!"


"I always leave the workouts feeling like I accomplished something great!-"


"I've been training exclusively with Jen for over 8 years and I really have seen the difference its made in my body."

- Katy

"When you are ready to start getting serious about your fitness Jen will motivate you to work hard. She's helped me to move beyond thinking that I can't improve my fitness after age 50"



What else is included in the program?

The workouts consist of the most effective exercises that generate maximum results in less time.

All Strength Workouts are 30 minutes or less and require just 2 sets of dumbbells.

The program includes:

24 Strength workouts (Upper body, LowerBody, Core, Full Body)

*Weekly check in emails from me with quality content to help support you throughout the program

*Private Facebook community to connect with other program participants

How difficult are these workouts?

Each workout offers options to help you scale the workout to your level, because when it comes to exercise, although there needs to be some level of challenge to see changes, sometimes less is truly is more!

How do I know if this program is a good fit for me?

Throughout the #StraightUpStrength 8 week program, you'll receive 'in real time' cueing on form and technique along with the motivation you need to get the most from these workouts. If you struggle with consistency and accountability, it's an excellent fit for you!


How is this different than just doing a strength video on Youtube or the Peloton App? 😂

I'm not a huge fan of randomly following videos if your goal is to see real change. And although app's can be great to get you moving...they often aren't enough to keep you getting results.

Also you cannot guarantee that the person you follow on Youtube is a certified trainer.

That said, this program was designed to be a progression, which means the workouts will build on the skills you practiced the prior week.

This helps to build confidence and also see the progress you are making from week to week!

Plus, you'll get access to me via the closed Facebook group where I'll be checking in frequently to answer questions, concerns and to offer support and accountability! Are you getting direct access to the trainer from the app? Probably not.

I designed a workout program that is challenging, results oriented, and fun!

Are these classes taught LIVE?

The workouts are recorded in front of a LIVE online audience with real clients in real time. I edit them before they are sent to out you.

These are the same programs I use with my online personal training groups and clients!

You will receive them via email with a video sharing platform link.

How does the Private Facebook Group Work?

You're never alone when you're part of Straight Up Strength. You'll have complete access to me via a private Facebook group exclusive to your group!

Message and support each other, post your successes and your struggles and help each other stay accountable throughout the program.

It's like having your own personal trainer and group fitness experience- virtually!

What if I am not able to do all 8 weeks?

Consistency really is key to seeing results in any fitness program.

By making the workouts 30 minutes or less, hopefully that provides a lower barrier to entry.

I wanted to make this program work for you and your unique schedule and priorities.

That said: Sometimes things come up and you might miss a workout or 2, but worse case, you “make up” a missed workout the following week and finish out the program.

STRAIGHT UP STRENGTH $97 now through August 4th

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Disclaimer: These workouts are designed for educational purposes only, and you follow them at your own risk. You are an adult, capable of listening to your body and knowing what it can and can’t handle. I have done my best to prepare you for a safe and effective workout, but please speak with your physician before starting any fitness program, especially if you are at a higher risk for illness and injury.  Jennifer Kirsch and JenniferKirschFitness assume no risk for your voluntary participation in this program.